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Start PMP Knives

The goal of PMP knives was to build solid knives for real men. All PMP knives are always limited, PMP Knives usually builds 200 knives or more but never more than 400.

September 2016

PMP Berserker

The PMP Berserker was my start in the knifeworld. 

Januari 2017

PMP Beast

The goal was to produce the most massive serial knife. The beast was the most massive knife in the world at that time, and even today there are still knife fans who keep asking for it.

February, 2018

Group knife PMP Maxace Balance

The PMP Maxace Balance 42a, was a group knife for the Facebook group Messerfreunde. It was a very popular knife, 250 pieces were sold in under 6 hours. 2020 there will be a successor.

Feb, 2018

PMP Revenge

I had the design of the revenge for a very long time, only with the help of Tools for Gents could I implement it financially. It was my first knife of which there were over 200 pieces. The Revenge is a very popular model, has a good weight and is very easy to cut.

February, 2019

PMP Prototyp phase

Several prototypes came out which unfortunately did not really make it to the final phase. For example the 10mm thick PMP Mammoth, or the PMP Necki, or the PMP Arctos

March, 2020

New ways

Maxace is still one of my best partners with the knife manufacturer, but I have now sought and found new partners to produce more knives, there will now also be cheaper prices for people who do not have so much money because of Corona, but still there will still be PMP Premium knives in the higher price segment

July, 2020

PMP Arctos

The PMP Arctos is a Fixed Outdoor knife, designed in Germany from Markus Reichart. It have wonderfull Handle and a very nice Bladeshape. it is a thick heavy knife.

October, 2020

PMP Pitbull

PMP Pitbull is a neckknives, a redesign of PMP Necki. It come with Kydex sheath and nice design with a battleopener.

November, 2020

PMP Maxace Harmoney

The PMP Maxace Harmony is a partner Projekt with Maxace, i take a Design from him and make a redesign. It is a premium slipjoint, with best materials.

December 2020

PMP Revenge II

Das Revenge II will be released in february 2021, it will be lighter in quality and everything that was not good in Revenge 1 has been revised

February 2021

PMP Bull

The Bull will again be a new overbuild heavy duty folding knife with noble materials. And very practical built very practical blade

March 2021

PMP Elephant

The beast was then in 2018 one of the most massive knives, the elephant will be the next level. Thicker massive, bigger,  heavier.

June, 2021