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There are many brands that always pay a lot of money to well-known expensive designers, I’m more the type that works more with unknown knife designers. In Instagram I met a cool guy from Russia who likes to draw knives. His name was Kristian Keropyan. He drew the basic design of the PMP Spartan. I added some more suggestions. Also very talented knife designer Grigorii Matveev who is also from Russia. He refined the whole thing, mixed in his ideas and then technically optimized the whole thing. I have made with these 2 designers some designs like the PMP Rhino or the PMP Hellcat which will appear in 2022
  • Designer Kristian Keropyan, Grigorii Matveev, Patrick Holenstein
  • Produce in China
  • US Ultrex Micarta Handle | China G10
  • Wire Clip
  • N690 Steel
  • HRC 58-60
  • Limited of 500 Pieces Worldwide 60 Micarta | Damascus 80 Micarta Brown | N690 80 Micarta Black | N690 80 Micarta Green | N690 100 G10 Black | N690 100 XL G10 Black | N690

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